• “When we look at the church of America today, it’s a sad reality that we’re measuring these things, because Jesus didn’t die for any of those. He died to see lives changed.” — George Barna - Barna Research Group

  • “I ended up doing that, giving my life up to the Lord on the front porch. That was the altar for me, you know what I’m saying? It was real...I wouldn’t have accepted the gospel, I can’t honestly say, unless God had brought it to me as raw as He did, right there on that porch. It wasn’t in a church. I didn’t get saved in a church.” — Sevin Duce - Hogmob Artist

  • "I don't actually have words for how moving that was, the invitation and the challenge in it were brilliant. It was so well done, I love it!" — Lorna James


What does it look like to fulfill the Great Commission, not with talk, but with power? This is the follow-up film to the End of Churchianity. In this film, you’ll hear world-class insight, testimonies, and meet people who are living out the Great Commission in extraordinary ways. The Kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power. Witness the power of the love of God in action!


All around the world God is performing miracles through ordinary Christians. But in the West, has Sunday morning church attendance replaced a vibrant living relationship with Jesus Christ? Did Jesus die for a Sunday morning ritual? We’ve traveled the world collecting incredible testimonies of miracles, salvation, angels, and other encounters with Christ. The book of Acts comes alive as people surrender their lives to truly follow Christ.

Has Sunday morning church attendance replaced a vibrant living relationship with Jesus Christ? Have we lost the essence of true, Biblical Christianity? All around the world God is performing miracles through untrained, ordinary Christians. People are experiencing Him in a powerful way as the Gospel spreads to the furthest reaches of the Earth. The Book of Acts comes alive as people surrender everything to follow Jesus. Experience some incredible testimonies and footage as ordinary Christians do extraordinary things for the Lord!


Ryan J. Stockert
Director / Producer

In his 15 years (1998-2012) as a major-market radio producer in Canada, Ryan won may international awards for his creative production work. In 2012 God called him to quit his job and give his life to missionary film work.

Ryan started Thunder and Light Studios Inc. with the purpose of creating films for the glory of God. His first film, “The End of Churchianity” was released in 2013 and has had a tremendous impact at screenings around the world. The film discusses the question, “Have we traded the worship of Jesus Christ for the worship of the Sunday morning service?” His YouTube testimony series “Escape From Hell” has over 4 million views and his second full-length documentary, “The End of Churchianity 2” was released in April of 2018. In 2017 Ryan became the Western Producer for YesTV and is responsible for the production of the West’s flagship show, “THIS IS YOUR STORY”.

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